How The Knot Worldwide Uses Snappy to Reward Their Team’s Service Anniversaries


The Knot Worldwide is a media and technology company that provides all the content, tools, products and services people need as they move through life’s biggest moments. The Knot Worldwide’s Employee Experience team sought a platform to highlight service anniversaries to make their team feel recognized for their big milestones.


The Knot Worldwide utilizes Snappy to frictionlessly send rewards to their employees. Team members that receive a Snappy gift get to choose their favorite reward from a curated list of products.

“At The Knot Worldwide we help navigate and celebrate life's biggest moments together (getting married, starting a family, buying a home, etc). With that, we are also committed to celebrating our employee's biggest moments with us! Through Snappy we are able to reward our employees when they hit a milestone anniversary with TKWW. It gives employees the freedom to choose a gift that excites them and truly shows our appreciation for the hard work and dedication they have put in. Snappy makes it super easy to put together a program that is both rewarding and meaningful. We love working with their team!”
-Samantha Eisner, Happy Camper | Employee Experience Specialist | The Knot Worldwide

Gifting Campaigns

Service Anniversaries


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Campaign Highlight

Service Anniversary

Overview :

Employ service anniversary gifts to increase year-to-year retention.

“Dear TKWW, thanks for the 3 year anniversary gift. This has to be the coolest thing any employer has ever done on my anniversary.”
“Thank you so much! I finally got that noise machine I have been wanting but didn't feel like I should spend the money on a fancy "fan sound." Hopefully, I will be sleeping better!”


The Knot Worldwide’s partnership with Snappy has received an overwhelmingly positive response and continues to be an effective HR tool for their Employee Experience team. The service anniversary gifts have been a massive hit among The Knot Worldwide’s team members, making them feel recognized and appreciated for all their hard work and dedication.

“It is so exciting to help The Knot Worldwide reward their employees’ milestones. Their team does so much to help their clients celebrate big life moments, so it’s fun to do the same for The Knot Worldwide’s team by celebrating their service anniversaries!”
- Adi Goldberg, Customer Happiness Director, Snappy

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