How Mountain View Hospital's Clinic Managers Took Employee and Vendor Engagement to the Next Level


Mountain View Hospital is a physician-owned Idaho Falls hospital that provides a full complement of inpatient, outpatient, diagnostic and rehabilitative services for patients of all ages.

With 1000+ employees and 500+ vendors, the clinic management team spent countless hours selecting and sending gifts for the holidays and various events.


The clinic team sought out Snappy to automate their gifting process so they could focus their energy on maintaining the highly regarded Mountain View Hospital employee and vendor experiences. At the same time, they knew Snappy could maintain the personalization and thoughtfulness that make gifts so uplifting.

"Snappy Gifts is an amazing process to get customized gifts to employees. We have used Snappy for recognition weeks and love it! Gifts are sent to the employees home which takes the hassle out of trying to deliver gifts to a large group of people. It also allows people to select exactly what they want."
- Courtney Marshall, Clinic Manager

Gifting Campaigns

  • Holiday Season
  • Nurses Appreciation
  • Vendor Gifts
  • Employee Appreciation
  • Admissions Week


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Campaign Highlight

Holidays Season

Overview :

Show gratitude to employees during the holidays without spending multiple weeks picking and sending gifts.

"Thank you so much for the wonderful and amazing Christmas gift! So MANY AMAZING things to choose from! I loved having so many wonderful choices!! Please do this again EVERY Christmas!! Thank you!"
"Thank you so much for always choosing thoughtful gifts that we can actually use!!! I love MVH and I love my job!!!"

Nurses Appreciation Week

Express appreciation for hospital nurses’ hard work with a week of fun activities and presents.

"Thank so much! I love being able to choose my gift and have it shipped right to me!! Love working for MT View!!!"
"Thank you for the fun way to choose a gift. I appreciate the thoughtfulness that went into my gift. I love working for Mountain View hospital."


After receiving 100s of thank you notes from employees who were ecstatic about Snappy and selecting their own gifts, Mountain View plans to run campaigns every holiday season. Now that Snappy takes care of the gifts, the Mountain View clinic managers can focus their time on maintaining and improving the well-being of their employees,

“It’s immediately obvious that The Mountain View Hospital Team is proud and passionate about creating a truly astounding workplace culture. That’s why it was so challenging for them to be spending 100's of hours picking and sending gifts when they could have been focusing on other priorities. Now, with Snappy’s powerful automation, the team only puts in a fraction of the time they used to and can trust everyone will get a gift they really want.”
- Hani Goldstein, Snappy Co-Founder and CEO

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