How Snappy Helped Merchants Automotive Group Boost Appreciation and Spread Joy


Merchants Automotive Group was in need of a streamlined system to acknowledge birthdays, anniversaries, and more. Co-workers had the ability to send a gift card to another co-worker as a way to celebrate each other, but for remote employees, this could mean a wait of days or longer before the recipient could enjoy their gift.


Merchants Automotive Group utilizes Snappy to send birthday, anniversary, and congratulation gifts to employees, as well as co-worker acknowledgment and celebrations for each other. Giving employees the ability to choose a tangible gift option makes for a much more meaningful experience. Snappy has made it so gifts are delivered and enjoyed in an instant.

"Snappy is all about empowering our employees to create amazing moments for each other. Whether it’s celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or just a special occasion, Snappy is a great way to recognize and be inclusive of employees who work in the office or are remote. We constantly receive feedback from our employees about how special it feels to be appreciated with a Snappy.”
-Tracy Noel | Happy Camper | Director of Human Resources, Merchants Fleet

Gifting Campaigns



Life Events

Peer to Peer

Remote Employee

Spot Rewards


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Campaign Highlight

Remote Employee Rewards

Overview :

Recognize remote team members and make them feel appreciated for all their hard work

“Thank you, Merchants! I really enjoy working for this company and it is awesome how you think of ways to include the remote employees!”
“Thank you so much for this gift. I truly appreciate the positive culture here at Merchants and feel very fortunate to be employed at such a forward thinking, employee friendly company.”

Birthday Rewards

Spread joy and make team members feel special on their birthday

“Thank you so much for the birthday wishes and gift. It was nice to be remembered in such a special way.”
“Thank you so much for the gift! It's both exciting and humbling to be recognized. Your thoughtfulness and generosity empower me and encourage me to do my best, always 😊"


Merchants Automotive Group’s innovative partnership with Snappy continues to be an effective HR tool. Employees love being able to choose their favorite gift. Seeing the positive impact Snappy has had on employees since launching, Merchants intends on expanding some of their programs to further increase engagement.

“Merchants Automotive Group is a great partner to work with because they are forward-thinking in their approach to recognizing employees and are always looking for fun ways to engage their team! We love that employee happiness is top of mind for Merchants, and we are happy to provide them with a platform that aligns with their values to reward employees in a meaningful, exciting way.”
-  Candice Brogan, Sales Director, Snappy

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