How Snappy Helped DigitalOcean Turbo Boost Company Culture


DigitalOcean is a dynamic New York based technology company that serves thousands of developers and engineering teams around the world.In the middle of 2017, DigitalOcean experienced rapid growth that doubled the size of their team. Their Employee Experience Team swiftly worked to onboard the new arrivals into the DigitalOcean family.  During this spectacular growth, they needed a way to keep employees feeling integrated and connected.


Infused with a strong company culture, the People Team organized employee events and special occasions where employees are recognized and rewarded.To deliver a unique gift experience, DigitalOcean engaged Snappy, an innovative provider of team reward and recognition programs.

"Sometimes the little things that demonstrate thought and care have the greatest impact. We expect a lot from our employees and are always looking for ways to show that their work is appreciated. Partnering with Snappy Gifts allowed us to to select gifts that have personal and organizational meaning, which is always the most powerful way to recognize others."
- Matt Hoffman, DigitalOcean VP of People

Gifting Campaigns

  • Mother's Day
  • Father's Day
  • Job Well Done Spot Rewards
  • Halloween Gits
  • On the Spot Rewards for Engineering Team


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Campaign Highlight

Ocean Themed Holiday

Overview :

Unite the team and reinforce company culture by creating a themed ocean collection with gifts such as plushie sharks, waterproof cameras, and iPods.

"Best company ever! Thank you for showing so much love and appreciation to your employees. It’s truly wonderful and makes me happy that I found this company, every day!"
"This was incredibly unexpected and thoughtful. I have been here a little over ninety days and I have been blown away by the generosity of this organization, truly above expectations. Thank you."

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day

Express appreciation to parent employees by curating a collection of parent and family- focused gifts.

"I never thought I would see the day where a tech company would not only accept the need to be flexible for mothers but also reward them for being mothers. Thank you DO for your progressive leadership! In exchange, I will work my motherly a** off in contribution to DO's continued success."
"Every day I am amazed at the generosity and sense of family that permeates every inch of DO culture. I can't thank you enough for this token. It was completely unexpected and...very much appreciated."


DigitalOcean’s innovative partnership with Snappy continues to be an effective HR tool that’s popular among employees. The custom gift collection re-enforced company culture and was a massive hit among employees,

"We love working with Digital Ocean! Their strong vision and emphasis on company culture inspires our own team. We customized Snappy to match their vision - the reward themes, gift occasions, and special campaigns. DO was the ideal partner because they take appreciating employees as seriously as we do and they were able to take Snappy and make it their own."
- Hani Goldstein, Snappy Co-Founder and CEO

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