How Snappy Helped Alation Boost Employee Recognition


Alation is a data catalog company that is building a data-fluent world by changing the way people find, understand, trust, use, and reuse data. The Alation People & Culture team sought a platform to highlight outstanding employee performance and service rewards to make their team feel recognized for all their hard work.


Alation utilizes Snappy to frictionlessly send rewards to their employees. Team members that receive a Snappy gift get to choose their favorite reward from a curated list of products. The Alation People & Culture team also utilizes Snappy to write thoughtful notes to their employees to praise above & beyond effort.

“Snappy's tool provides a fun, interactive, and admin-light experience to ensure our star employees all over the world are recognized for great work. We have also taken advantage of the automatic anniversary gifts making us look uber thoughtful with 100% reliability. Employees have been thankful for both the recognition and unique selection of gifts to choose from. Snappy even offers a concierge when employees are looking for something unique. Net net, it's a no brainer win.”
- Joy Wolken, Happy Camper | VP People & Culture | Alation
- Lauren Hermosillo, Master Blaster | People Operations Generalist | Alation
“Alation utilizes Snappy for anniversary gifts and to recognize employees who go above and beyond. Employees receive an unexpected surprise in their inbox and soon becomes the new buzz around the office. From the administrative side, Snappy is one of the easiest systems I have had to manage!”

Gifting Campaigns

Spot Rewards

Service Anniversary


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Campaign Highlight

Spot Rewards

Overview :

Appreciate and recognize team members for doing a job-well-done.

“Thank you for your kind words. I am really grateful for your encouragement, guidance, and support. Your appreciation means a lot to me. Rest assured that I will continue to do my best at work and to support our team.”
“Dear Alation, Thank you so much, exactly what I wanted.”

Service Anniversary

Employ service anniversary gifts every year starting from year one to increase year-to-year retention.

“Thank you for the wonderful 2 years! Looking forward to many more years with Alation!!!”
“It's been an honor to work with you guys, and I'm excited to see what the future holds!”


Alation has received an overwhelmingly positive response to Snappy, making their employees feel more recognized and appreciated for all their hard work than ever before.

“We have so much fun helping Alation reward everyone on their team. It is truly an honor working with clients like this who really strive to make the happiness of each and every employee a top priority.”
-John Scanlon, Sales Director, Snappy 

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