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Medium Enterprise

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Human Resources

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New York

The Company |

Justworks is one of the nation’s fastest-growing HR technology companies, helping entrepreneurs grow their business with confidence by offering access to corporate-level benefits, HR consulting, payroll and compliance support.

Sasha Sheftel is a Customer Retention Manager at Justworks. Looking to reward and incentivize their Account Management team, Justworks partnered with Snappy in December 2020 to launch an Account Managers Tournament. Since then, they have seen a tremendous boost in proactivity, engagement, and performance. Justworks is looking to expand Snappy to their Customer Support team next!

The Challenge |
Looking for something more personal

Prior to Snappy, Justworks gave cash bonuses, gift cards, and physical gifts to incentivize their team. “We would give spot bonuses, but those were taxed heavily so that took the fun away,” Sasha explained. “We also gave gift cards, but they don't feel very personal or fun.”

Occasionally Justworks also gave physical gifts, but it would become a hassle when a huge shipment would arrive at the office. “Before Snappy, our rewards process was very admin heavy and time consuming, to say the least,”  Sasha said.

To eliminate the inconvenience of storing physical gifts or burdening recipients with high taxes, Justworks partnered with Snappy to make their corporate gifting more fun and personable.

The Solution |
The Perfect Fit

Looking for a better way to incentivize their Account Management team at scale, Justworks partnered with  Snappy to launch a competition where folks were eligible to win prizes depending on how many accounts they are able to engage with their new software. “We gave the winners of the competition the option to receive a cash bonus or a same value Snappy gift, and pretty much everyone chose a Snappy gift,” Sasha explained. “It was really neat to see.”

Team members that receive a Snappy gift then get to then choose their favorite reward from a curated list of products.

“When you have a large team it’s impossible to figure out what each person likes,” Sasha said. “I never liked the idea of cash or gift cards as an employee appreciation gift because it just goes into your bank account, and then you forget about it the next day.” 

With Snappy, recipients get to pick a tangible item that reminds them of a time they did something great every time they use it.

The Results |
Great experiences. Great results

In just 5 months since partnering with Snappy, Justworks has already seen a huge boost in upgraded accounts.

“Snappy has had a big impact on our employee engagement,” Sasha said. “After rewarding our Account Managers with Snappy gifts, we were highly impressed with how many accounts we were able to add to our new software at the end of the quarter. The previous quarter was nowhere near as impressive.”

The numbers speak for themselves with 94% of gift recipients claiming their gift. 

Sasha also found Snappy’s user experience and customer service to be top-notch: “My favorite part about Snappy is a tie between the UX design and the support that we receive,” she said. “The Snappy Dashboard is really easy and intuitive to use and the Snappy team is always so lovely and super responsive.”

The results of the Account Managers competition have been so positive that Justworks is planning to add broader Employee Appreciation Campaigns to reward their staff who go above and beyond in the near future.

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