How motivates customer success with Snappy gifts

Challenge, owned by Walmart, is an online retailer of curated brands and city essentials. With a customer success team that is rapidly expanding alongside the business, the human resources team sought a platform to highlight outstanding employee performance.

Solution utilized Snappy’s one-off gift feature to frictionlessly implement monthly rewards into their employee experience strategy.

"Here is where a quote by you would be placed next to a beautiful photo of your face. You can say a couple sentences about how much employees love their snappy gifts, speak about how much time snappy has saved your HR team or anything else you loved about Snappy!"
- Bob Frendt, Master Blaster | Happy Camper | Supervisor, BAU


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Campaign Highlight

Monthly Customer Success Awards

Overview :

Highlight top monthly performers while motivating the entire team with fun and joyful rewards options

"THIS IS WAY BETTER THAN GIFT CARDS! definitely stepped it up with the Stella rewards and I'm extremely grateful. THANK YOU very much!!"
"Thank you for taking the time to get this set up for us! I've never worked for a company that has cared so much. I'm excited to get the Bluetooth Pods and try them out. I appreciate everything you do for all of us and I'm happy to be working for such an amazing company. Thanks again!"


After receiving positive thank you notes from nearly all of their awarded employees, has already started to expand similar Snappy rewards to more teams throughout the company.

“We were so excited to kick off this campaign with, especially since they are one of our spectacular retailer partners. But it was even more exciting to see an overwhelmingly positive response from employees and their HR team. We are so proud to contribute to Jet’s world renowned company culture. They make employee happiness a top priority and this made them an ideal partner for Snappy.”
- Hani Goldstein, Snappy Co-Founder and CEO

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