600+ organizations trust Snappy to make their employees smile and feel appreciated.

Meet Snappy

Snappy's fun and engaging platform lets your team choose how they want to be recognized.
They'll feel appreciated with a gift they actually want.

1. Receive

When you pick out your own gift you always get what you want! We designed a fun experience that makes choosing your gift extra exciting and simple.

2. Reveal

Our in-house design team will make Snappy your own. Decked out with your company logo and custom animations, your employees will know exactly who’s sending them their new gift.

3. Choose

Our team of professional gift curators handpick the latest and greatest gifts for your team. Choose from tons of options or ask us to create a custom collection just for you.

A choice of magical gifts

Snappy lets your team choose what they want from a curated collection
of top-rated options in your selected budget range. Choices range
from local experiences to international getaways to today’s top trending
products like Google Home Mini and Amazon Fire Tablets.
Have a different gift in mind?
We'll customize a collection just for your team.

HR resources that change the game

You take care of your team. We take care of your gifts.
Snappy's powerful automation will send your team gifts for anniversaries, birthdays, and holidays.
All you need to do is read the thank you notes.

Easier Than Ever

Instead of agonizing over finding the perfect reward, let Snappy do the heavy lifting so you can focus on supporting your team. Recognition and rewarding your employees should be fun!

Instant Feedback

Real-time thank you notes from your team help you gauge sentiment. You'll know instantly how your team likes their new gifts.

Powerful Automation

Snappy will automatically send gifts on birthdays, service anniversaries, holidays, and more. Send thousands of gifts in minutes.

Cost Effective

Snappy's unique pricing structure makes sure you only pay for the gifts your team really wants. You'll save money and have a happier team.

Snappy in the news

Snappy, a corporate gift company used by 200+ large companies around the world, has made it their mission to improve the way employees are appreciated and experience recognition in the workplace.

The response to Snappy has been overwhelmingly positive, with 20,000 five-star employee reviews and recipients keeping 99.5 percent of the gifts they get. That's pretty darn good considering about 53 percent of Americans get at least one holiday gift they don't want.

If you want to get the most joy in gift-giving, you might want to let your employees pick something they want.

In today's competitive job market, it's more crucial than ever to make sure your employees are reasonably content where they are. And that means helping them feel appreciated, no matter what role they play within your organization.

Each year, consumers return about $380 billion worth of goods -- $90 billion of which are processed during the holiday, according to Optoro.

The gift card reduces the act of gift giving to a mere transaction. It's saying, "I recognize this as an occasion on which I'm supposed to spend time and money on you, but I couldn't really spare that time, sorry."

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